Quality Canine SlatMill and Treadmills

Keep your dog in shape and happy.

An excellent way for your dog to exercise while avoiding joint issues is for him to use a dog treadmill. Not only will it ensure that he remains physically active, but it also provides that he will have daily activity no matter the weather or how busy you are.

With a similar design to a human treadmill, a dog treadmill is created for a dog. These convenient machines provide many benefits for your dog, including improved health and happiness, but finding the best treadmill for your dog can be a challenge. Here are a few tips and reviews to help you find the best dog treadmill.

Keep Your Dog Fit

Some days are not fit to go outside. Take your dog for walk inside on a quality Tread or slat mill

Burn Off Energy

Does your dog need to burn off some energy? 

Promote Healthy Living

Exercising daily promotes vitality in your dog.

Best Dog SlatMills and Treadmills

The Firepaw Standard Dog Treadmill is a handmade treadmill that is custom designed for your pet. You can either choose from two custom colors or you can go with a vintage design. This treadmill is capable of creating high amounts of inertia and offers your pup the ability to go for a long sprint when it reaches maximum speed.

The Firepaw Standard Dog SlatMill features fast rollers and custom aluminum wheels, a great value for your money. It's a great choice to train any dog type while also providing weight loss, muscle gain, power endurance, and stamina, along with basic physical conditioning. This durable treadmill includes solid steel and other high-quality materials, plus it comes with an 18-month full warranty.

Equipped with handles and wheels, one person can easily move this treadmill, plus the sides detach for easier storage and transportation. The anti-vibration system on the Firepaw Standard Dog Treadmill helps to prevent joint pain, and the plastic sides on the machine allow you to view your dog's workout. And it includes a monitor that tells you the speed, distance, and time that your pup has traveled.

Easily adjust the front legs on the Firepaw Standard Dog SlatMill to fit your dog's height. Unlike motorized treadmills, this is a mechanical slatmill that can stop at any time when your dog is done running. Plus, your dog is able to achieve maximum stamina and speed all by himself.

Firepaw Standard Dog SlatMill


  • Your dog can achieve its best speed on its own 
  • The monitor will allow you to keep up with his progress.
  • This is a durable and solid machine.


  • It's not motorized, so it can be harder for your dog to use

Designed with precision, the dog PACER LF 3.1 Treadmill is capable of holding dogs up to 179 pounds. Featuring patented folding technology, this treadmill is portable and very lightweight, making it easy to store. This is a great choice for dog owners that live in areas with bad weather.

This treadmill comes with four settings that range from a five-degree angle to nine degrees. Providing a diet and exercise regimen allows you to keep your dog happier and healthier, which also extends his life and reduces vet bills.

With the dogPacer LF 3.1 Treadmill, you won't have to worry about the weather any longer since your dog can walk when it's snowing or raining out. Plus, all of us have busy lives, so it's an easy way to make sure your dog gets his walk after a long day at work.

By walking your dog in your home, you also don't have to worry about the safety issues you encounter walking your dog late at night on a busy street. And if you suffer from allergies, it will improve your own health to allow him to walk indoors away from the pollen.

dogPACER LF 3.1 Treadmill


  • This treadmill is very lightweight and portable  
  • It can be angled up to nine degrees
  • It's easy to use for both you and your dog


  • It's bigger than some users expected
  • It isn't easy to fold for storage


Ideal for small to medium-sized dogs, the Petsite Dog Treadmill has a 200 pound capacity and comes with an LCD display. It helps to prevent poor endurance and obesity in your dog. This treadmill allows them to stay healthy and lose weight when necessary.

The Petsite Dog Treadmill comes with a double safety mechanism that will protect your dog that includes a safety key found in the console that you can pull out to stop the machine any time you need to. It also comes with a remote control that includes an OFF button that you can use to stop the machine. Assembly only takes about 20 minutes, and the machine includes built-in wheels for easy portability.

The handy LCD screen displays calories burned, distance, time, and speed, plus it comes with 12 modes that offer multiple time and speed settings. There are three height settings to choose from, so you can easily adjust the base to fit your pet's size.

The Petsite Dog Treadmill is made with premium iron and ABS providing solid and sturdy construction. The included side panels feature detachable and waterproof oxford cloth that blocks your dog's sight of his surroundings, so he can concentrate on his exercises.

PETSITE Dog Treadmill


  • Dogs love using the machine, so you shouldn't have too much trouble getting them on it.  
  • It has an LCD screen to track his progress.
  • It's sturdy and solid and comes with three height settings.


  • This dog treadmill is a little hard to put together.
  • The motor is noisy


Evo Pro Trotter Slat Mill

Arriving completely assembled, the Evo Pro Trotter comes standard with all that you need to keep your pet in peak performance. Easily keep track of his health and progress with the included 12 functions digital speedometer. Using wireless remote-control elevation, you can easily adjust to provide your dog with just the right elevation, so he won't be stressed out during his workout.

You can easily raise the track to four-inches to let him pick up the pace, or use the treadmill in combination with a safety harness and add some resistance using the adjustable disc braking system that can simulate hill climbing. It also comes with a track lock system for safety, a built-in kickstand, sides and risers made with a clear plexiglass.

Offering a 16-inch wide running surface, the Evo Pro Trotter features ABEC 9 roller bearings, 10 ½-inc disc rollers, and micro-adjustable belt tracking. Capable of holding dogs up to 170 pounds, this treadmill includes an eight-inch wheel for easy mobility and a tethering system that is fully adjustable.

Evo Pro Trotter Slat Mill


  • It's easy to move and put together.
  • It has a nice wide running surface.
  • This treadmill comes with a safety harness and adjustable braking system.


  • It does not raise up very high.

The Classic Dog Trotter Slat Mill

The Classic Trotter is another Dog Trotter product on our list that offers a high-quality but economical choice. Featuring an anodized aluminum frame, the Classic Trotter also comes with ABEC 9 roller bearing and has a 16-inch wide running surface. Offering quiet and smooth operation, this dog treadmill has a solid side that you can remove and eight-inch wheels, making it easy to move.

Perfect for dogs up to 170 pounds, the Classic Trotter features a composite track that is free spinning and adjustable. It uses a 10 ½-inch roller disc, a tethering system that is completely adjustable, and smooth sidewalls made of PVC that you can clean easily. Plus, it arrives fully assembled.

The Classic Dog Trotter Slat Mill


  • It has an adjustable track and tethering system.
  • The machine comes fully assembled.
  • It is easy to clean


  • It isn't as high quality as other machines on the market.

Dog Treadmill Buying Guide

Benefits of a Dog Treadmill

A lot of people think that a dog doesn't need a dog treadmill, but it's important to consider all the benefits of this form of exercise before you make your final decision.

Good exercise

 Dogs need to be exercised regularly and walking them is one of the best ways to reach their physical needs. However, suppose your schedule doesn't allow for it because of long hours at work, the weather is bad in your area, or your mobility is limited. Therefore you can't walk your dog consistently. Then a dog treadmill can be an awesome solution to your dog's need for a walk. With a dog treadmill, your dog will have the daily exercise that he needs to stay healthy and fit.

Improved health

When your dog receives regular exercise from a treadmill, your dog's health will improve in several ways. Not only will he be able to maintain a good weight, but his joints and muscles will become stronger, and you will see an improvement in his health. It's important that your dog stays healthy and lives a long life, and the exercise he regularly receives from the treadmill will help him live a good and long life.

Better mental health

Dogs are also in need of mental stimulation. It's important that they are entertained and challenged regularly, just like humans. This is particularly true for highly active dogs as well as those dogs that like to lie around a lot. When you have a dog treadmill, you can keep your dog mentally stimulated by attaching dog toys to the treadmill or setting up treat dispensers to give you dog treats once he has finished his workout.

Considerations When Choosing a Dog Treadmill

Ease of Use

Its important to buy a treadmill or slatmill that will allow your dog to get on and off it easily. Some dogs have a harder time getting on a treadmill than others, especially skittish and small dogs. A dog treadmill can be pretty intimidating since it's so high up off the ground. Some of the better dog treadmills are able to work around this problem by using a design that allows them to taper downward.

When the dog treadmill or slatmill has a design that is tapered downward, then it is just a small step up for a dog. Larger dogs may not need the additional help of the tapered design, but it can help them get past their fear of getting onto a moving treadmill. There are also dog treadmills that will ramp up their speed gradually, which can help prevent your dog from stumbling or their fear of it moving.

Remember that making a dog treadmill easy for your dog to use is really up to you. Since a dog can't control when his treadmill stops or starts, you need to take control and stay vigilant, starting the treadmill when your dog is ready and stopping it when he is done.

And user-friendly or dog-friendly features in your dog treadmill will be very important. Look for mesh walls that can help your dog feel less vulnerable as they work out on the treadmill, plus it can reduce the chances of your dog becoming distracted by something else and running off.


You need to make sure that the dog treadmill you choose is safe for your pet. Safety for your dog means that the treadmill doesn't have any exposed moving parts that may catch on your dog's hair. If your dog catches his hair on a part of the treadmill, it can be pretty painful, although there really isn't any chance of lasting harm to him.

If your dog does have a painful experience on a dog treadmill, it's a pretty safe bet that he will be very resultant to get back on. It's important to look for dog slatmills that have an automatic deactivation feature as well as no exposed parts or sharp edges that your dog can hurt himself on accidentally and cause a painful experience.


Noise can be a big deal for your dog and maybe a reason why he will want to avoid the treadmill. Since dogs have very sensitive senses of hearing, loud mechanical noises can bother dogs and cause them to be afraid of the machine and avoid it. Plus, a loud dog treadmill can also bother you and those around you. Fortunately, most dog treadmills aren't really any louder than a typical human treadmill.

Still, the best dog treadmills will either have a quiet engine or some kind of noise insulation that prevents your dog from being scared of the loud mechanical machine that they won't want to get on. Once your dog has become afraid of their dog treadmill, it's almost impossible to teach them to use it correctly. So, noise is a big concern, particularly if you have a picky dog that reacts negatively to other mechanical noises like garage doors and vacuums.


It's unfortunate that products made for dogs tend to be made with lower quality than the same products made for a human. Dog treadmills also suffer from this truth, plus you also have to deal with the added issue of dog hair and possibly even dog saliva.

As your dog runs on his treadmill, it's possible that he will shed a little just by moving around. This is particularly true of dogs like Labs where you will find even more hair shaken off, which will eventually find its way into all those hard-to-reach crevasses that you won't be able to clean.

When dogs shed like this, the hair can build up inside the machine, which can cause some issues if the hair buildup gets really bad. It's important that you find a machine that is easy to clean to improve the lifespan of the machine. No matter what, the dog treadmill's durability is a large consideration since most won't want to clean the dog treadmill every time he uses it.

For owners of dogs that slobber a lot like a Newfoundland dogs, you will also want to consider the durability of your dog treadmill. Typically, a dog treadmill will have a somewhat resistant design to dog slobber, but if you have a dog that is a serious slobberer, you may have more issues with the operation of the treadmill.


Can dogs use human treadmills?

Yes, a dog can use a human treadmill. However, a human treadmill tends to have a shorter track than a dog treadmill, so it's better if you put a dog with a shorter gait on the human treadmill than larger dogs. Dog treadmills are designed to have a running belt long enough to accommodate your dog's natural gait and long stride, plus it provides a dog with room to fall behind if necessary. So, yes, it's fine with small dogs, but not larger dogs.

How long should my dog run on a treadmill?

After you have spent several weeks of training your dog consistently, your dog should be running five-to-10-minute sessions. If you want, you can slowly increase your dog's workout by one minute each time.


Its hard to pick a best dog slatmill or treadmill, this is due to the fact it really depends on your budget and dog.  If your looking to run your dog full out and make it as real as possible we would recommend  one of the DogTrotter products.  

If you are on a budget and just want to give your dog some indoor exercise then we suggest the dogPACER LF 3.1 Treadmill. This is a portable and lightweight treadmill that is ideal for dog owners that live in areas with bad weather. You can adjust the machine with one of its four settings to find the best angle for your dog's workout.