Firepaw Mini Dog Slatmill – Treadmill Review

Firepaw Mini Dog Slatmill 

If you have a precious little puppy that’s a ball of energy, a miniature dog that needs some good exercise, or a furry little teacup friend, the Firepaw Mini Dogs Treadmill is a perfect match. Puppies have an endless amount of energy, and small dog breeds love to run around the house.

Your dog will seek ways to get out his pent-up energy one way or another. If your dog receives the exercise that he needs, he will develop an overall better attitude and calmer personality. He will be easier to be around and safer around children.

The Firepaw Mini Dogs Treadmill is a wonderful option for exercising your small dog.

The Firepaw Mini Dog SlatMill, as the name states, is Firepaw’s go-to choice for miniature dog breeds. Firepaw makes its treadmills in-house, so you are dealing directly with the manufacturers when choosing this product.

This slatmill works well with dogs that are 38 cm (15 in.) from the floor to the top of the shoulder. This means that it is designed for some puppies, some small dog breeds, miniature breeds, and teacup breeds.

It is built with a durable, hand-welded, sturdy, solid steel frame and a well-made slat for your dog’s paws. It also comes with ceramic bearings which give the slat mill excellent longevity. The manufacturers of this product believe that it will last. They provide an 18-month warranty on this product.

The slatmill is operated manually as the dog runs on the mill, not electronically. It does not have a maximum weight but rather can support the weight of any dog that fits within the proper height range.

For some, a mechanical slatmill may be a negative component to choosing Firepaw, but this approach will offer its buyer at least a couple of positive elements.

First, you will invest in a product that will last longer than an electric treadmill. The Firepaw mill will last considerably longer, as it will not have electronic components that break down easily. It will also withstand the elements of nature better than its electric competitors.

Second, your dog will be able to run freely and be in control of the speed of the slatmill, which may produce a happier pup. This is thought to be the safer approach to using a treadmill, as well as a more wholesome approach.

It is an approach that puts the dog in control. It is possible that a dog owner may unknowingly push his dog too hard on an electric treadmill, and this can lead to a traumatic experience for your dog.

As your dog stands on the top of the slat, he is able to be secured to the overhanging steel bar. This will both stabilize and support your dog as he runs.

While this product will have a decent bit of weight to it, the manufacturers have made a way for it to be highly portable. The Firepaw Mini Dogs slatmill can be pushed around your home with ease on its two wheels. Simply lift one side by the handles, and push or pull this item to your desired location.

Firepaw offers custom colors for both the body as well as the details of the product, so you can pick just the right one for you.

Another great feature on this custom handmade slat mill is the shock absorbing system which helps take the bounding out of your dogs legs and spine. This makes running on the mill easier on your dog and provides a better run.

In the event that you would like to get some add-ons to this product, Firepaw has you covered. Designer custom stickers can be purchased for a low cost that will add a fun look to any treadmill. Along with these, you have the option of purchasing a speed computer to test your dog’s speed.


  • This is a well-made product that will last for years.
  • This item can be purchased with some neat add-ons.
  • This product is used manually and will ensure your dog’s safety, as he is able to control the speed at which he runs.
  • This treadmill is relatively cheaper than some of the other slat mills on the market today.
  • If you would like, you can choose from different colors to get the color combination that is right for you.
  • With the purchase of this product comes an 18-month warranty.
  • The Firepaw Mini Dogs Treadmill is easy to use and highly mobile.


  • The price may still be too high for some.
  • This item cannot be used for larger breeds and therefore lacks versatility.


The Firepaw Mini Dogs Treadmill is at the top of its class. It is a great choice for all of you small-dog-breed lovers out there who are looking for a new and exciting way to exercise your pup.

If you find that weather that is prohibiting you from exercising your dog, you have health problems that limit you, or you live in an apartment. The Firepaw Mini Dogs Treadmill is the answer to your dog-exercising dilemma.

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