Evo Pro Trotter

Review of Evo Pro Trotter

The Evo Pro Trotter is at the top of its class. It is the most advanced exercise machine on the market that will surely give your dog the boost that he needs.

While a number of dogs are forced into doing laps around the dinner table, a growing number of canines are reaping the benefits of daily exercise on a trotter. The Evo Pro Trotter is impressive and is the most advanced slat mill in the trotter series.

Whether you find yourself lacking the time or energy to take your dog on a walk, or if you are seeking a way to boost your dog’s speed, endurance, and strength, the Evo Pro Trotter is right for you.

Increase the longevity of your dog’s life through daily exercise. Promote a happy pup by taking him for a run. All of this and more can come through your dog getting the exercise that he needs each day.

Evo Pro Trotter

The Evo Pro Trotter has a design and frame that is built to last. It is highly durable and manufactured with anodized aluminum. This will lead to your trotter being both strong and lightweight. On both sides of the running platform, there are two pieces of plexiglass, once again assuring durability for its owner.

If you are worried about this relatively large piece of equipment being too much for you to maneuver, have no fear. On one side are two legs built of anodized aluminum, and on the other are two 8” dolly wheels. Simply put, the trotter can be moved with the same ease as pushing a wheelbarrow.

One of the great advantages of going with the Evo Pro Trotter is that this piece of equipment comes with a wireless remote control that allows its user to elevate the slat to simulate an uphill run. All of this can be done while observing the built-in speedometer to note your dog’s speed.

These features can be a wonderful benefit in training your dog up to its peak potential. The slat itself is built with a composite plastic material that has an anti-skid surface to ensure your dog’s safety. Above the slat is a safe and effective tethering system used to hold your dog in place and keep him safe.


  • A great feature of this product is the ability to raise the slat to simulate an inclined run.
  • Along with the ability to raise the slat is the ability to create tension with the braking system that will further simulate an inclined run or challenging course.
  • The product as a whole is built with a durable material while also remaining lightweight for its users.
  • Two dolly wheels will allow its user to transport this item smoothly and effectively.
  • The slat is built with a reliable plastic material and will promote good traction under your dog’s feet.
  • The manufacturers are confident that their product is built to last, and they have provided a 1-year warranty on all parts and labor.


  • The item may be too expensive for some. 
  • You will need to have an adequate amount of storage space to store this item.
  • You will still need to provide supervision for your dog.
  • This item has not been around for a long time, and as a result, there is not a lot of customer feedback to research.


This is a great product for those of you looking to find new ways to give your dog the exercise that he needs. It will come fully assembled and ready to use. The Evo Pro Trotter is sure to impress.

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